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​​The MAD team has been in the film, television and video industry for decades. From writing to shooting, directing, producing and editing,  there isn't a role that we haven't filled over our careers. We bring over 50 years of collective experience to each and every job. 
MAD Content Video - Matt House Creative Director
Matt House
Creative Director
Matt has 25 years of experience in film, television and digitial in New Zealand and Australia. From television commercials to music videos to digital campaigns, Matt has worked to provide a wide range of clients with solutions that are effective, engaging and creative. 

MAD Content Video - Annette Eggers Creative Director
Annette Eggers
Creative Director
Annette's natural creativity led her into the film and TV industry in 2003, starting out as an indie film-maker she went on to win an award for 'using film in a different way'. From there she was fully immersed in the industry, directing and producing music videos, TV commercials, digital media and documentaries. Today, Annette uses her expertise in business and digital media to produce slick and successful video campaigns for a range of clients.  

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